Blueberry, et. al.

We sure do love Blueberries! These jams have a deep color and incredible flavor with great texture. Our smooth but pleasingly tart profile is over the top. Blueberries are grown here in Southern California and are as fresh and tasty as we can find!

Also available: Blueberry Limón and Blueberry Thai Basilwith Limón!


The best Jammin' Fig Jam you will ever taste! No figgin' way there's anything better!!! 
Great with cheese and crackers.

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Strawberry Thai Basil (STB)

The best and as far as Jammin' Stan knows, the ONLY Strawberry Thai Basil Flavored Jam in the universe.  You have to try this sweet and "sweet savory" flavor that the Thai variety of basil imparts to this awesome Strawberry Jam! Also try Strawberry Limón for a zesty fling!

Plum Figgy

This jam is 50/50 all the way! Figs and Plums Living together in harmony. Grown mostly here in our culinary gardens, the fruit is full of flavor and the jam is absolutely delicious. A little Plum, a little Fig and a controlled flavor explosion!


Jammin' Stan's Plum Jam is handcrafted from handpicked plums primarily grown right here at the Treehouse garden or in nearby local groves. 


One day Mary asked Jammin' Stan to create a "mixed berry" jam.  So Jammin' Stan set out to create the biggest berry flavor experience on earth!  Maryberry was born!  It's a mixed berry flavor trip you will love!


That's right, the jammin' standard!  An apricot jam you'll savor, with deep apricot boldness elevated with hints of spice and of course, love! . One of our favorites at Jammin' Stan! 

Mango Fire

We took our amazing Mango jam and added some FIRE from Thai Chili Peppers! The sweet comes first and the heat follow right behind for the perfect balance. Watch for  Apricot-Mango FIRE! happening later this year!