We sure do love peaches! This jam has a deep peach flavor with great texture, a hint of peach slices and a smooth, pleasingly tart profile. Peaches are from Southern California orchards and as fresh and tasty as we can find! 


That's right, the jammin' standard!  An apricot jam you'll savor, with deep apricot boldness elevated with hints of spice and of course, love! . One of our favorites at Jammin' Stan! 

Strawberry Thai Basil (STB)

The best and as far as Jammin' Stan knows, the ONLY Strawberry Thai Basil Flavored Jam in the universe.  You have to try this sweet and "sweet savory" flavor that the Thai variety of basil imparts to this awesome Strawberry Jam!


Jammin' Stan's Plum Jam is handcrafted from handpicked plums primarily grown right here at the Treehouse garden or in nearby local groves. 

Mango Fire

We took our amazing Mango jam and added some FIRE from Thai Chili Peppers! The sweet comes first and the heat follow right behind for the perfect balance. Enjoy! 


24 Hour Jam! Apricot-Mango, Peach-Mango Jam is rockin' with flavor! With each bite you explore the blended flavors of three delicious fruits, and then, mmmm, a flavor burst of Peach, Apricot, or Mango from real chunks of fruit! This is a "nano" batch jam made with fresh fruit and is one of our newest and insanely creative favorites at Jammin' Stan!


The best Jammin' Fig Jam you will ever taste! No figgin' way there's anything better!!! 
Great with cheese and crackers.


No, not too many mangoes are grown around Southern Cal., so we source the freshest available from growers to the south.   


Best all-around basic jammin' jam in the line-up! Strawberry Jam is crafted from the freshest locally grown berries and is presented to you as an alternative to the same old mass produced strawberry... stuff. 


We partner with our local berry growers to get the freshest raspberries for our wonderful Raspberry Jam!  Great with your favorite shortbread cookie recipe, yogurt, and ice cream. Delicious!


What's a Pluot? Simple... a crafty plant guy cross-pollinated Apricot and Plum species and made this hybrid variety of fruit called the Pluot! A little like a Plum, a little like an Apricot, and completely delicious! 

Strawberry Sage

Take your Jammin' Stan Strawberry Jam on the savory side of life... with the ancient native herb, white sage. Nowhere else on the planet can you experience this flavor! It's awesome!


Jammin' Stan Blueberry Jam is a fresh, bright jam made from the most flavorful blueberries around.  Great on scones or toast anytime and for the more discerning PB&Jam aficionado, there's no better pairing! 

Black'n Blue

Blackberry and Blueberry!  Again, these killer berries come from black'n blue growers in Southern and Central CA straight to Jammin' Stan's kitchen.  This jam is fresh, natural, downright tasty and we think you'll think... "this is the best jam on earth!"


One day Mary asked Jammin' Stan to create a "mixed berry" jam.  So Jammin' Stan set out to create the biggest berry flavor experience on earth!  Maryberry was born!  It's a mixed berry flavor trip you will love!


Blackberry, Blackberry, Blackberry!  These killer berries come from growers in Southern and Central CA straight to Jammin' Stan's kitchen.  This jam is fresh, natural, downright tasty and we think you'll think... "this is the best blackberry jam on earth!"


Figalanagal Jam is a one-of-a-kind creation from Jammin' Stan! This jam is crafted goodness with fresh figs from our onsite grove and Galangal root we grow in the herb gardens. 

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Black'n Blue Jam